The digital business card of the future is here now in 2020


The digital business card for 2020 is here.

With one touch your customers will have your contact informationon their smartphone 24 / 7 so you never miss an opportunity.  CONNECT EASY - SHARE EASY

Why print old fashioned paper business cards only to have them thrown away by your clients?

It's 2020...be earth friendly and go digital today

Your customers are on their phone..

Shouldn't you be there too?

The Digital Business Card of 2020

Introducing the 2020 Business Card

Go digital in 2020 with a modern smart phone friendly business card from 2020businesscard.com

See what happened in 2020 vs 2019

The new decade is upon us..watch to see the changes that make a digital business card from 2020businesscard.com the perfect solution for smartphone users everywhere


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The 2020 Business Card automatically imports into your clients smartphone The 2020 Quick Contact card lets you quickly capture your clients phone number for those rushed moments when you're both busy

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